"John Herbert's memoir, Rules Get Broken, is an elegant, poignant story about lost love and found love. John's journey will make you laugh and make you cry.  Most of all it will make you think as the author explores society's unwritten taboo about how long a person must grieve before it is acceptable to find happiness with another. A marvelous read about the courage to follow one's heart."

Elaine Billings, America 's Modern Women -- Mother, Wife & Provider


"Rules Get Broken is a must read.  This deeply affecting memoir (love story) deals with author John Herbert's devastating loss of his first wife.  John is the father of a three-year-old girl and an eight-month-old boy when Peggy's sudden death shatters his world.  Just days later, John calls Nancy, the young woman who once lived next door, and asks her out to dinner.  The two soon become romantically involved.  The relationship draws the ire of family and friends. Society's unwritten rules about how long someone should grieve over the loss of a loved one have been broken. Follow John and Nancy as they follow their hearts and along the way come to know the true meaning of what love is and isn't."

Richard Sand, PROTOCOL: The Complete Handbook of
Diplomatic, Official and Social Usage


"John Herbert's love story, Rules Get Broken, will keep the reader up late turning pages.  It explores the grief one feels over losing a loved one and happiness experienced over finding love again.  Shortly after John loses his first wife, Peggy, he is drawn into a relationship with Nancy .  Friends and family spurn the couple forcing them to deal with the difficult demands of how society believes one should mourn over the loss of a loved one.  A marvelous read."

Robert Middlemiss, Editor



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